Melissa Bourassa
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My journey with jewelry making started when my husband whisked me away to a foreign world to become an expatriate living in Beijing.  Living in a communist country is an adventure all on its own, but to help fill my time I started exploring the numerous stone and pearl markets.  They were captivating, the rows and rows of vibrant color, endless materials and supplies of all mediums.  I sought out a way to connect with other people who enjoyed trips to these markets and found a group of women who were taking jewelry making classes from another expat.  I started classes immediately and soon realized I had quite the knack for color and design.  My life in Beijing transformed from feeling lost and out of place into joy and excitement to create something with my own hands while building lasting friendships with some of the kindest people I know.  Now that I am back home in the States, I am able to reconnect with all my great friends through Facebook and Skype.  These platforms help keep us connected globally, since many have also moved back to their home countries.

My designs started out very simple with bead stringing and basic wire looping.  I loved experimenting with color and texture, so each piece quickly evolved into a mixed technique and medium creation.   I will mix pearl knotting techniques with crocheting and wire work to get the look I want.  I am not formally trained, so my process is all in my head and feels very organic.  It usually starts with a color palette and then a pattern emerges from my tinkering with the stones and thinking about how I want the piece to make me feel.  You can see that my designs change often and I don’t have what most call a collection.  I make things that make me happy and you can see my life experiences through my designs.  Some of my pieces have an Asian flare, while others capture the beautiful colors of the ocean that surrounds me living in Rhode Island. 

This past March, I got married.  I fell in love with the wedding world, as probably many brides do.  Making jewelry always made me happy, but weddings swept me away.  So, I decided to take my skills and use them to create beautiful wedding hair accessories and jewelry.  It is an outlet that allows me to stay connected to the wedding world while being grounded, which is key to a successful business.  I feel refreshed and new designing these pieces and hope to offer brides something they can treasure.  Bbridal is venue to showcase my accessories and represents who I have become.  The “B” in Bbridal is from my new last name, Bourassa, and is symbolic of this new journey with jewelry making. 

I am so blessed to be able to work on my jewelry and grow my business online.  I hope you enjoy viewing my designs and find something special that makes you smile and say I love that! 

Melissa Bourassa

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